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Here you can learn about our Amazon Bestselling book, 100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money: Financial Fitness for Regular People. It’s a fun and easy read for people who don’t read a lot of books, and full of useful information for those who do!

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This site and the new book were created to help you save and grow your money – to prosper, and help others to prosper. But it’s more than that… a little wisdom for your life journey.
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Are you frustrated with the month left at the end of your money? Are you starting from zero with no money at all, or worse – starting with a load of debt? There is hope!

Do you have a “why?” A goal that absolutely must happen? A dream vacation, new furniture, college tuition, new church building, big medical bill, or well-fed credit card debt that’s outgrown all your other bills? This book is for you!

Through simple and practical ideas and examples, you’ll learn how to put money back into your pocket, purse, and bank account regularly and safely. You can watch your debt shrink and your money grow month by month. It’s easier than you think.