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Are you frustrated with the month left at the end of your money? Are you starting from zero with no money at all, or worse – starting with a load of debt? There is hope!

Do you have a “why?” A goal that absolutely must happen? A dream vacation, new furniture, college tuition, new church building, big medical bill, or well-fed credit card debt that’s outgrown all your other bills? This book is for you!

Through simple and practical ideas and examples, you’ll learn how to put money back into your pocket, purse, and bank account regularly and safely. You can watch your debt shrink and your money grow month by month. It’s easier than you think.

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ISBN: 978-0-9843414-0-5
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"Pete Sorrells' book is as powerful as it is simple. In these days of financial fear and chaos, this book offers a fresh breeze of clarifying sanity. Don't spend one more day worrying about money...get this book and see how fun and easy it is to put your life in order and be in charge of your prosperity and security once again."

Steve Chandler

Author of Fearless

"Peter Sorrells has put together real life tips for saving and growing money that can be implemented immediately. The format of this book is entertaining with stories and real life examples of what applying these tips can truly mean to each of us. Peter has over delivered by including bonus material on top of what is already outstanding content! This book is an excellent reference that is detailed out with specific chapters so you can read completely through as I did, or reference the section you are interested in at the time. I can give no better testament to the quality of Peter's work than the fact it inspired me to take action on some business expenses that had been sitting dormant for some time and costing me $160 a month. The day I finished Peter's book I took immediate action and saved myself $1,920 a year! If you ever use money in your life at all, Peter's book is a must read. Thanks to Peter for making a positive difference in my life!"

Steve Stapp

Author of Contact Center Agent 101

"Pete Sorrells has developed a great little book that I wish everyone would read. 100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money is a resource that will continue to pay long-term dividends for anyone who seeks to improve their financial health and wellbeing."

Dave Briggs

Director - Enrich Financial Ministries, Central Christian Church of the East Valley

"Book is great 1... I enjoyed reading it... I'll be able to refer it to some of our clients."

Kim D.H. Butler

Prosperity Economics Advisor Author of Live Your Life Insurance

"You have to start with a plan and Peter's book lays the foundation for you to start thinking ahead. If you want to live a bigger life, break out of the poverty mentality and visualize where you want to go, take action and you're on your way!."

Loral Langemeier

CEO/Founder of Live Out Loud, Author of the 3-book Millionaire Maker series

"I want to compliment you on your excellent book. It is clearly written and immensely practical."

Steve Gobbell

Manager, Editorial, Pearson Digital Learning

"Fantastic book on succeeding with money! Definitely a book for rhinos!"

Scott Alexander

Author of Rhinoceros Success

"100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money was an excellent tool to educate seniors in my high school Life Skills class and prepare them for the real world. The students really enjoyed reading the book and were motivated to save money."

Mireille Helm

College Prep Advisor, Gilbert Christian High School

" insightful and very useful read."

Midwest Book Review

"Peter Sorrells reminded me in his book "100 Ways to Save & Grow Your Money" how important budgeting is in my plans for the future. His no-nonsense, easy-to-read, I don't-need-an-MBA-to-understand-this-stuff, approach to money appeals to me. I've read so many 'money' books that are over my head, or talk down to me. This book doesn't do that. Plus, his biblical principals reinforced what I knew (but had forgotten) about God's plan for me in relation to money. It's okay to want money, give away money, and be smart with your money. I would recommend this book to anyone just starting out, or for anyone needing to get back on track. After all, it's easy to do if you just give it 21 days to take root!"

Michelle Cimino

Author of Cell Phone Etiquette

"Peter Sorrells has just made your life easier in so many ways. First of all this book is the answer to every graduation gift you'll ever need (okay maybe not for kindergarten). If you really like the graduate include a mason jar stuffed with fifty one dollar bills. Read the book and see why.

Secondly, he has devised ways for 'regular' people to save and get ahead. These tips are the best thing I have read on finance in a long time. Why? Because he doesn't ask you to learn the stock market, buy apartment buildings (have you ever listened to a tenant whine?) or sell vitamins to classmates you haven't seen in thirty years. He simply shows you ways to save money and let it grow in secured accounts..."

Sally Franz

Author of Scrambled Leggs... a Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey

"The title of this book pretty much says it all and, even if a person would apply only one or two of the hundred ways Peter Sorrells suggests, the bank account will have no other choice but grow....The best I can say to you, the reader, is to invest in this book. It may be the best investment you have ever made. The information presented by Peter Sorrells in “100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money: Financial Fitness for Regular People” gives sure ways to change the income flow to you rather than from you. As well, I believe this would be a great book to give to young couples embarking on their life together or to any graduate..."

Irene Watson

Reader Views

"For the Christian reader who is looking for simple, practical tips for saving and growing one’s money, this book is an excellent choice. I read the book in two days because the vast amount of useful information in these pages kept my attention and aroused my curiosity to want to know more. I would definitely recommend this book to a Christian who may be struggling with his/her finances and is looking for practical ideas as to save, spend, and grow one’s money. Scripture references are included throughout the book and are applied to each chapter topic. It would be great to see this book placed in the hands of every graduating college student, every newlywed couple, and every single or married person who is having financial problems."

Linda Stortz

CPA Budget/Debt coach with Crown Financial